The most popular questions and answers to them

How long does it take to have a waste treatment system installed?

The overall period for putting into operations is from 4 to 6 months, including the period of manufacture and delivery of equipment.

Where can the unit be installed?

The object may be located at a remote distance from the highway or in close proximity to it. The project provides for the construction of a junction with the highway.


How many people are required to maintain the unit?

Operation of the technology does not require a special level of personnel qualification. The average number of people sufficient to operate the plant is 4 people per shift.

Which chemicals are needed for unit operation?

Doesn’t require extraordinary engineering infrastructure. No expensive consumables and reagents are required during operation.

Which by-products are left after waste handling?

A minimum amount of solid sludge is formed.

What are the benefits of this method as compared to others?

Waste incineration is associated with harmful emissions and up to 28% of remaining ash. Less ash is left after gasification or pyrolysis, but harmful emissions still remain. Plasma-chemical disposal leaves virtually no residue.

Moreover, most methods require waste sorting, hogging, drying, and homogenization. The waste disposal process employed in our unit is automated and requires no presorting.

Why do you call this method green?

Steam released into the atmosphere is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Which waste can be handled by the unit?

The unit can treat almost any types of waste – medical waste of all classes, biological and veterinary

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