We destroy waste
without harm to the environment

We treat all types of waste

  • We provide all necessary documenting and videorecording of the waste disposal process
  • We handle waste at our own production facilities
  • We handle both smaller and larger volumes
  • Account Manager
Medical, biological, veterinary waste

We interact with any entities that need waste handling

  1. Healthcare institutions
  2. Beauty salons
  3. Pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  4. Factories and manufacturing plants
  5. Waste collection entities

How the installation works



A specialist feeds waste into the loading pocket. Waste hazard class can vary — no sorting is required.


A specialist feeds waste into the loading pocket. Waste hazard class can vary — no sorting is required.

Breaking down to molecules

Сorona discharge is formed in the destruction chamber under the influence of a high-voltage electric pulse. Particles with high chemical activity are formed in the plasma of a corona discharge.

Emission of harmless gases

Disintegration products end up in the “green” gas treatment unit, which is followed by the emission of water, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide to air, which are totally safe for the environment
and have a temperature of ≈40 °C.

The world’s first residual-free waste disposal technology

Elionotron uses corona discharge (a similar principle is used, for example, in laser printers) instead of high-voltage arc
Corona discharge is produced with an electrostatic generator


  1. The flows of electrons cause the molecules o wather contined in waste to dissociate into hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions
  2. Hydrogen ions are the key active particles in this installation. They are superactive and form bonds to all sustances from Mendeleev’s Table, except for platinum
  3. Hydrogen ions cause dangerous substances to degrade into ultimate constituence that pose no threat to the envirinment, in the form of water vapor and atmospheric gases. They end up organocally in the atmosphere
  4. All substances formed at dissociation, apart from water vapor and atmospheric ases, represent volumes that are insignificant in the natural environment, easily caught by elementary filters, and do not leave the chamber

Environmentally unique

The technology allows disposing of medical, veterinary, biological waste virtually without solid residue at no extra cost.

There is no combustion process
A minimum amount of solid sludge is formed
The process results no wastewater
The production cycle is fully automated and safe for both the environment and all personnel involved
Steam released into the atmosphere is completely safe and environmentally friendly


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